Inline hockey clubs in Australia

Australia’s Inline hockey began a fresh phase during 1996 when Australia’s national squad took part Minneapolis’s World Finals. Eleven teams entered. Australia finished back in tenth place. Four years later Australia managed to improve to finished ninth. During 2003, as the world finals were split into two leagues, Australia booked their spot with teams in the second tier. That year Australia finished third. However, Australia’s form slumped in 2006. When they finished fourteenth out of the sixteen in that year’s global finals. By 2014 Team Australia had improved. In the Czech Republic, still in division one, Team Australia managed a silver medal. This form continued into 2015 with another silver medal this time in Finland. In 2017 Team Australia managed a bronze medal in Slovakia.

Inline Hockey:

Is contested by players within all age groups with matches contested outside or inside. Inline Hockey is quick, fun, and they are especially spirited.

Inline Hockey – How to Play

  • Team Sport
  • Minimum of five per side including a goalkeeper
  • The team try to gain control of a puck and score in opponents net

Inline Hockey Equipment

  • Hockey Sticks ’ Shaped
  • Skates
  • Shielding clothing.

Central Coast Hockey Association

The Central Coast Hockey Association provides hockey programmes in conjunction with the Agencies of Australia (UAA), Hockey NSW and the Central Coast Hockey Association. Under the UUAA hockey federation local players, interested in improving their skills, will be able to do so with like-minded players. It’s a full development program not only aimed at improving individual and team performances but also for life improvement outside of sport.

This is a six-month operational program that begins in April and runs through until October. Participants can advance and be judged with the FTM version of competitor progress and skills

The Association defines the purpose of hockey as a way to assist players in many ways that include:

  • Development: A good environment for players to improve.
  • Access to Programs: Through hockey, competitors will gain chances to join quality services and programs the more they develop.
  • Preparation: With hockey an offseason activity the program will handle the preseason preparation to make sure players are ready for the start of the season.
  • Coaching: Regional Academy coaches will be on standby to support all aspects of coaching and development

Anyone looking for a club should you this link – and click on Inline Hockey. You will find clubs are in locations across the whole country as follows:

  • Victoria: 4 Clubs.
  • New South Wales: 2 Clubs.
  • Northern Territory: 1 Club.
  • Queensland: 10 Clubs.
  • Tasmania: 1 Club.
  • South Australia: 3 Clubs.
  • Western Australia: 4 Clubs.

Click on the clubs for more details about their exact locations and how to get there.

Clubs have teams for all different age groups and often advertise for new kids in their individual websites. There are also Facebook groups for new kids to actively get involved.

Popular Facebook pages include for hockey kids:

With these groups, you can find more details about all kinds of different activities and lots more latest news.

Have fun playing and watching this sport.