In-House League

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All You Need to Know About the 2015 Season

Download your 2015 inhouse booklet here

Click here to download 2015 Season 2 Schedule 

The Club offers In-House competition for 2015 Season on Monday nights  during school terms between 5.00pm – 8.30pm.There are two seasons:Season 1:        9 February – 11 May 2015

Season 2:        15 June – 14 September 2015

Age divisions:

  • Junior                            5 – 9 years
  • Intermediate                10 – 13 years
  • Senior                          14 – 17 years
  • Ages are determined  at 1 January 2015.

Note – Beginner older players may be permitted to play, as assessed by referees.

Registration Cost:

 Annual Fee – (Paid at Registration)

  • KINDY HOCKEY PLAYERS – 10 YEARS & UNDER (FIRST YEAR ONLY MEMBERSHIP) Includes;  Memberships,  full  year  Mighty Pucks,      trophies,           certificates,               safety equipment and all In-house games.(Total Cost = $180)*
  • 12 YEARS & UNDER Includes; Skate Qld Membership, Club Membership, trophies and all In-house games (Total Cost = $430)*
  • 13 YEARS & OVER Includes; Skate Qld Membership, Club Membership, trophies and all In-house games (Total Cost = $450)*
OR Seasonal Fee – (S1 – Paid at Registration, S2 – Paid first week of S2 Games)

  • Covers All Ages

Season 1 – Total Cost = $300

Season 2 – Total Cost = $200

Includes;  Skate  Qld  Membership,  Club Membership, trophies and all In-house games (Total Cost = $500)*


* Based on 24 weeks of Games Fees

*** Special offer Registration Packs for SignOnDay Only 1 February 2015 ***All new or returning players that join the club on SignOn Day 1 Feb 2015 will receive a welcome pack containing:

  • 2 FREE Skateaway “Family “entry passes
  • 30%  discount  voucher  Skateaway  Pro Shop
  • Club Gift bag

Compulsory InLine Hockey Equipment



 Compulsory Safety gear required•  Helmet with face cage
•  Knee and shin pads
•  Elbow pads
•  Gloves
•  Mouth Guard
•  Protective cup for male playersThe club has full kits of safety gear and hockey stick (not including mouthguard or protective cup).These hire kits are not intended for long-term use, as we only have a limited number available.Players are encouraged to purchase their own hockey equipment after 6 months.Second-hand equipment is  available for  purchase on sign-on day. Also check noticeboards regularly.Players with their own equipment improve and enjoy their hockey more as they are using equipment properly fitted to their size.Skates:You must provide your own in-line skates. Skates are available for hire from Skateaway.
Uniforms & Safety Gear to be worn:Every member of a team must be dressed uniformly in respect of the colour of their jerseys.All protective gear including, helmet, elbow, shin guards, mouth guards, protective cup, must be worn by all players at all times when on the rink. No exceptions. If players are not wearing full protective gear at all times when on the rink, referees will ask the player to leave the rink.If the player does not comply then the referee will suspend play until such time that either the player leaves the rink or abides by the ruling.For any player who continues to flaunt equipment rulings the player may be issued with a suspension notice from all games until the player abides by the ruling to the satisfaction of the club’s committee.Game Rules:1.  Teams will consist of ideally 5 players and no more than 8 players.2.  Each  division  will  have  at  least  three teams.3.  All players should be at the rink at least 15 minutes before the game to be ready to start the game on time.4.  If substitute players are asked to play in a team they will have to play in the defence or goalie position.5.  If a team starts a game with substitute players and members of the team arrive late, the members of the team will be able to play however; the substitute player will no longer be required to play.6.  Only members of the team will be allowed to play in semi-finals and final games. No substitute players will be allowed to play in semi-finals and finals.Game Format:Each team play 2 round robin games, juniors play

10 minutes and Intermediate and seniors play 20 minutes for each game, with a 1-2 minute break between each game.


The In-House League is run by a sub-committee. Parents can assist in various roles including:

  • Team manager
  • Scorer/timekeeper
  • Distribute, collect and wash team jerseys
  • Assist players to be ready for the game
  • Rotate  players  on  the  floor  (every  2-3 minutes), ensuring all players have even playing time on the rink
  • Player’s hydration

If you can assist in any role please talk to the In- house co-ordinators, who can give you more information on the roles. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

League Structure:There are two seasons:Season 1:       9 February – 11 May 2015Second 2:       15 June – 14 September 2015“Important” – No hockey will be played on School Holidays, Public Holidays or Pupil Free Days.Each season consists of 12 weeks including semi- finals and finals. Every player receives a commemorative trophy for his or her participation in this competition.  Trophies are presented at the end of the finals of each season on Presentation Night.

The first week of Season 1 is used for assessment and team allocations. This first week is important to teach and remind players of basic hockey techniques and rules i.e. holding the sticks on the ground, skating and stopping, skating and hitting a puck, playing safely and explaining other basic rules.

“Important” – All players should be  at the rink at least 15 minutes before their scheduled games.

All players must be fully geared up and ready to start the game on time or the length of the game will be shortened to finish on the allocated timetable.

“Important” – If a player is absent for 4 consecutive weeks their position on the team will become vacant and may be filled by another player

“Important” – Please notify In-house coordinators as soon as possible of any anticipated absences.

In-House Coordinators – Come and say hello to Lee and Mark Bown

Ring Skateaway Ph 3325 1711

Mark Brown: Mob – 0412 595 221

Lee Brown:  Mob – 0409 005 842

OR contact the club, email to